SAS air sampler in space with NASA

NASA takes Bioscience products into space. Click here to read more.

SAS air sampler

Learn from industry experts about the USP 797 guidelines for environmental testing and best practices in implementing the new guidelines.

Bioscience products used for environmental monitoring and protection against microbial contamination in Sistine Chapel restoration. Click here to read more.

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Welcome to Bioscience International, Online.  Here you can find basic information on some of our most popular product and service offerings, including our popular line of SAS microbial air samplers for air quality testing and detection of microbial contamination.


Our products are used in all areas of the public and private sectors: from the National Institutes of Health, to NASA, to the largest hospitals, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies in the world.

As you browse our website with the button bar provided at the top of this page, we are confident you will agree that our products are the most technologically advanced and cost-effective of their kind.  If you have any questions, comments, or would like to discuss placing a purchase order, please feel free to contact us.  Our e-mail, phone and fax numbers are listed below for your convenience.

   SAS air samplerSAS air sampler

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