SAS air sampler in space with NASA

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SAS air sampler

Learn from industry experts about the USP 797 guidelines for environmental testing and best practices in implementing the new guidelines.

Bioscience products used for environmental monitoring and protection against microbial contamination in Sistine Chapel restoration. Click here to read more.

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Agarster Eco Mini and
With traditional hand pouring, there is often difficulty in reproducing a consistent volume of media in petri dishes.  Combine that with the sterility difficulties and labor intensities of hand pouring media, and automatic media preparation emerges as the clear winner.

 Key Benefits

correct and repeatable volume of medium in each Petri dish for method standardization
same work load with less staff
each Petri dish can be identified by production date, lot number, medium name
glassware is eliminated to avoid cuts or burns
no hot vessel/container transfer
automatic fresh home-made Petri dish gives the possibility to the microbiological laboratory chief to organize the production of the correct amount of plates at the correct time, avoiding expensive wastage of material
accurate temperature control reduces the dispensing temperature limiting the water condensation on Petri dish lid


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