SAS air sampler in space with NASA

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SAS air sampler

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SAS Super 180 microbial air sampler
SAS Cyclone

The SAS Cyclone microbiological air sampler has been developed with rapid response authorities in mind to collect a large volume of air in short time.

The large volume of bio-aerosol and the use of Almost Real Time PCR or chip methods give the possibility to obtain final results of the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in less than 2 hours. It can be used for molecular biological or traditional microbiological tests.

Method of use:

1) Insert a disposable vessel with sterile fluid into the cyclone chamber.

2) The unit is switched on and the bio-aerosol is collected in the vessel on the bottom of the sampler.

3) Once the programmed volume of aspirated air has been sampled, the fluid of the vessel is ready to be analyzed.


 Key Benefits of the SAS Cyclone Air Sampler

Ultra powerful 1,200 liters/minute flow rate

SAS air sampler Cyclone sampling method according to the Coriolis principle

Powerful power supply - 2x6 Volts re-chargeable battery packs

Size - 300x260x400 h mm

Weight - 14 kg

Four retractile feet for easy transfer and manipulation

NIST traceable certificate of calibration

Ultra durable - stainless steel construction; Hermetic military type aluminum case

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