New SAS Isolator Model

By Bioscience Staff

From Bioscience World, Summer 2009

THE SAS Super Isolator Air Sampler, with separate sampling head and autonomous program control unit, is specifically designed for monitoring in isolators and barrier environments.

A primary benefit of the SAS Super Isolator, said Jayma Alcala, Biological Quality Supervisor, Hospira, is the interval sampling program. “ In our Class Four Cleanrooms, we use the multi-mode program to program our seven SAS Isolator Air Samplers to sample several times over each eight to twelve hour shift for a volume of 1000 liters per interval using DE neutralizing contact plates.”

“The main reason we chose the SAS Super Isolator Air Sampler was its separate computer program control outside the isolator”, said the Manager at a global pharmaceutical account using SAS. “Secondly”, she said, “unlike all of the other eight systems we evaluated, the SAS stops the air inside the isolator with no air tubing that goes outside the isolator. In other sites, we had tubing outside and were concerned with a break with integrity and that the product would be at risk; as well as analysts being at risk outside the enclosure.”

SAS Isolator Model inline installation using stainless steel pedestal to manage connections. (Source: Hospira)

The new SAS Super Isolator provides a control unit with separate sampling head for monitoring isolators and barrier environments. The head can be placed inside the isolator while the program control unit remains outside. A simple electric cable connects the
head to the controls through the wall of the isolator or cleanroom.


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