SAS air sampler in space with NASA

NASA takes Bioscience air sampler into space. Click here to read more.

SAS air sampler

Learn from industry experts about the USP 797 guidelines for environmental testing and best practices in implementing the new guidelines.

Bioscience SAS air sampler used for environmental monitoring and protection against microbial contamination in Sistine Chapel restoration. Click here to read more.

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NIST-traceable calibrations are available for all products we sell.


SAS (Surface Air System) Air Samplers

The world's #1 best-selling air sampler line is best in class & fully compliant with all relevant national and international standards for environmental air monitoring - including those set by: ISO 14698, EU GLP-GMP, EN45001, ACGIH, USP 1116, and USP 797. The heads allow 100% sampling efficiency down to 1 micron, & the air samplers are so durable that 99% of the SAS units sold since 1979 in North America are still in use today. They work with all standard 55m contact plates & 90mm petri dishes, so you aren't locked in to using proprietary media.

SAS 100 & 180 air samplers
The established standard in microbial air sampling & air quality testing, sampling up to 100 & 180 liters per minute, respectively. (Note that air sampling of 180 liters per minute is the fastest rate available on the market that is still fully validated as safe & effective for the collection & growth of microorganisms.)
SAS Duo 360 air sampler
Similar features as the SAS 180 high volume air sampler, but with dual heads each sampling 180 liters per minute for a total of 360 liters per minute. This is the best air sampler on the market for sampling with two media types simultaneously, such as tryptic soy agar (TSA) for detection of bacteria & malt extract agar (MEA) for detection of environmental yeasts, molds, & fungi. The SAS Duo 360 air sampler is also ideal for low microbial contamination environments where higher volume air sampling is desired. By using two heads, air sampling volume is doubled without resorting to unsafe single-head speeds that could damage the microbes you are trying to test for.
SAS Isolator air sampler
SAS 100 or 180 (high volume air sampler) model with detached head, designed for sampling air in isolators while enabling the operator to remain outside the controlled area.
Pinocchio Super II air sampler
Air sampling system for compressed air; collects more than 1000 liters of air/gas in just a few minutes.
SAS PCR air sampler
Collects pathogenic microorganisms dispersed in bioaerosal for "almost in real time" detection by molecular biology tests or traditional microbiological culture tests.
SAS Cyclone air sampler
Built for the military and other rapid response units, this high volume air sampler is capable of sampling an extraordinary 1,200 liters of air per minute -- critical when lives are on the line and rapid air sampling is necessary.

Environmental Sampling and Prepared Media Products

Environmental Sampling Tools
An innovative collection of sampling tools designed for a wide variety of needs in food, dairy, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic applications...
A highly efficient and effective way of homogenizing solid and semi-solid samples...
Media Preparers
Offering accurate and consistently uniform media preparation for greater method standardization...
Plate Pourers
Ensuring sterility and uniform volume in each of your petri dishes...
Prepared Media
Convenience with greater consistency and uniformity -- tailored to your unique usage needs...


Safety and Sterilization Products

A complete line of autoclaves, with one just right for your needs and applications...
GermReduc UV Air Flow Unit
A highly effective and convenient solution for obtaining a sterile bacteriological environment during working hours...
Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets
A wide variety of microbiological safety cabinets designed to protect operator, product, and environment from hazardous materials.