SAS Super 180 microbial air sampler
Disposable Air Sampling Head

Disposable air sampling heads, compatible with all SAS air samplers sold by Bioscience, offer a perfect combination of sterility and convenience.

By no longer autoclaving heads between samples, your staff recoups valuable time. 


 Key Benefits of Sterile Disposable Air Sampling Heads

Convenient - no need to autoclave heads between samples

SAS Duo 360 Sterile - Irradiated triple-wrapped (antistatic resin) bag to ensure sterilization, suitable for clean rooms

SAS air sampler Certification of sterilization and conformity - available in five languages (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish)

Versatile - works with entire SAS line, including our SAS Super 100 & 180, Duo SAS 360, and SAS Isolator models

SAS air sampler Available in 55mm Contact Plate (RODAC) and Petri sizes

Five year shelf-life

Click here for more information on our other SAS microbial air sampling products, including our: SAS Super 100 & 180, SAS for Isolators, and Pinocchio Super II compressed gas sampler.

SAS Duo 360 air samplerSAS Duo 360 air sampler

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