The SAS Pinocchio Super II is used to test the microbiological quality of compressed air and gas used in clean rooms, to help prevent microbial contamination.

SAS Pinocchio Super II air sampler for compressed gas
SAS Pinocchio Super II compressed gas air sampler


Method of use:

1) Insert contact plate

2) Connect Pinocchio II to compressed air/gas output

3) Adjust air flow with meter knob

4) Control volume of compressed air/gas by setting timer, e.g. 5½ minutes provides 1000 liters

5) Remove contact plate for incubation for CFU count

 Key Benefits of the SAS Pinocchio Super II Compressed Gas Air Sampler

Calibration according to International Standards

Fast sampling time - collects more than 1000 liters of air/gas in just a few minutes

SAS air sampler Low running cost & operational flexibility - no need to purchase expensive, proprietary media strips, cassettes, or plates. Standard 55mm contact plates or 90mm petri dishes can be used

Easy-to-use - The compact size provides the opportunity to locate the sampling unit where space is limited. Additionally, the small size and the simple operation enable many operations to more accurately report air/gas quality and minimize false positives from operators. The unit can be easily and aseptically connected to the desired points of sample.

Durable construction - 99% of the SAS units sold since 1979 in North America are still in use today

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SAS Pinocchio Super II  air samplerSAS Pinocchio Super II  air sampler

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