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Welcome to Bioscience International

Air samplers and related accessories from Bioscience International are used around the world to detect and help prevent contamination.  From international space stations, to bioterrorism investigations by the CDC, to contamination control by the largest food and pharmaceutical firms, to hospital operating rooms: air samplers from Bioscience International have become the trusted, industry standard in detecting and preventing contamination in mission critical environments for over 25 years.

By enabling our customers to detect and prevent contamination: food and beverage companies can achieve longer product shelf lives, drug companies can avoid costly recalls, and healthcare providers can reduce risk of infection for their patients. 

With award-winning customer service, lifetime product support, and factory-trained calibration services accredited by A2LA to ISO 17025:2017 (certificate #5699-01), Bioscience is the partner you need to keep your operations running safely and without contamination. 

With long-standing risk mitigation plans in place, as well as Essential Critical Infrastructure designation at both the federal and state levels, we continue to operate without disruption for both new equipment sales and calibration services.  We are proud to support our partners in the pharmaceutical, biotech, hospital, and food markets as we work together to fight the novel coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 and the COVID-19 illness.


Best practices in monitoring hospital operating rooms for contamination.

ISO 14698 Compliance

SAS air samplers validated in industrial wind tunnel to ensure full ISO 14698 & EN 17141 compliance.

Food & Beverage Testing

Read about contamination guidelines for food and beverage industry to reduce spoilage and extend shelf life, from world-renowed expert Professor Daniel Y.C. Fung, Ph.D.